Wedding Info

If you’re the kind of couple who likes to go off the beaten path and keep things simple, I’m your man! Please give me a call or send an email and we’ll discuss scope and cost.

I would describe my style of shooting weddings the same way I’d describe my event and concert shoots - whimsical and playful. Because I keep my process simple, and am not weighed down carrying around large loads of equipment, I can deliver photos that capture the most special moments without getting in the way. I keenly attune myself to the joy and love that bonds together families during a wedding, and relay that feeling through the little slices of life I deliver in photographs. I am vastly experienced in event and editorial photography, and it shows in the candid photos I deliver. The reception is where my style really shows itself. I likewise like to keep formal-familial photos as light-hearted as possible, capturing genuine smiles and laughter.

Because my process is simple and fun, you’ll save some money and be more at ease in front of the camera. I rarely shoot weddings these days and if I do, it’s because I get the sense my style will work well for you and your family. I choose destination weddings, especially, so I can capture the beauty of the landscapes that foster your love. If you are looking to spend thousands of dollars for thousands of photos, there are many other wedding photographers in Montana. What I offer is a small set of well-curated and fully-processed photos for a fair price. I aim to please by de-burdening your family from the financial cost and pressure associated with a high-production photoshoot. The less you have to think about your photos being made, the more you will enjoy them.


Missoula, MT, USA